How long do you promote music?

We prefer to work in 8 to 12 week increments promoting your music in as many places as possible.

Do you guarantee placement?

We don’t guarantee placement.  Nor will we pay a playlister to ensure your music get onto a list.  We are staunch believers in true curation

Do you work singles or full projects?

We are willing to work singles, but prefer to work a project (up to 5-7 songs).  This allows our tastemakers to feel like they are making a decision.  Even when working singles, we see that other tracks begin to get traction as well.

Do you verify Profiles?

Sure do!

Do you participate in Payola?

Nope.  Never.  Paying to get music played on streaming services violates the Terms and Conditions and is ultimately a practice that is frowned upon.

How much will this cost me?

Our pricing is very competitive compared to other firms in the industry.  We’d prefer to get in touch with you to discuss specific pricing.