SP: What’s been your favorite song to release in the past couple of years? Why was it your favorite?

Canaan: “Greener.” It was one of those songs that I had the punch line for for quite some time but hadn’t put pen to paper. So when the creativity struck, this one didn’t take more than 10 minutes to write. Plus, that guitar hook slays!!! 

SP: You mention in your bio that you are always asking yourself “what’s next?” This is so valuable as artists always need to be generating content, but does this ever hinder you from appreciating your present work

Canaan: I think if you let it, it easily could. However, I actually take note of it. It’s easy to keep pushing and pushing and get caught in “what’s next” and not be able to not only hinder the now but not be able to enjoy it. I’m all about celebrating the small stuff but not dwelling on it. Take the moment for what it is, relish in it whether it be a song, an achievement, release day, or whatever it may be. But usually my work such as content, shows, and mind is about 4 months out. 

SP: What’s been the biggest advantage and challenge for you as a country artist in Nashville? 

Canaan: My advantage: a business mindset. Everyone in this town is beyond talented. I’m sure there are plenty of number 1 songs and phenomenal legends in this town, however, as much as it sucks to say, talent will only get you so far. This industry is like any other. It’s a business. Not just the actual music business side but you as an artist must continually think of yourself as a business. I think that’s why I’ve been able to do as much as I have in the little amount of time I’ve done it in, I constantly ask myself “what would a label do” .. and then I do that the best I know how.

My challenge: this industry is forever changing. With social media/the internet there’s so much you can do as an independent artist to get your work out there, book shows, and honestly make music a full time WELL paying job. However, when it comes to getting to that “next level” of stardom, of course that’s where the big dogs come in. However, with the game changing constantly, you’ll work down a path for a little while and put so much effort into it just to see that it’s no longer what the industry wants just a short 2 months later. But it’s a pro and a con. You can look at it and get completely overwhelmed saying “I don’t know what to do”… or you can look at it as “there’s so many options!” But challenges are meant to be accepted so … 😉 

SP: What about the streaming age gives you hope as an artist? 

Canaan: It’s the easiest time for any artist ever to be heard. With Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc, if you know how to market yourself, you can EASILY create a fan base and get in front of new listeners. Which then leads to fans, shows, ticket sales, and before you know it, a career. 

SP: Who’s an up and coming artist you’re excited about?

Canaan: Daisha McBride. She’s a female hip-hop artist who I had the pleasure of featuring on a remix of my song, “Take My Time.” She’s continues to drop more music, videos, and content. She’s also just a hustler and has a great mindset. She’ll be exactly where she wants to be. 

SP: Any advice you’d give aspiring artists?

Canaan: Don’t wait on anyone to do anything for you. Like I tell myself: “what would a label do?”… and then just go do it. Whatever it takes.