SP: What age did you decide to go for it as a rapper? Was it scary/exciting/both? 

Teddy: Music has always been apart of my life since I can remember. It’s been a mixture of emotions. You have your exciting moments, and some moments are a little more overwhelming than others, but it’s all part of the experience.

SP: Tell me the inspiration behind your most recent single “Game Winners.”

Teddy: Just a motivational record. Something to get you going, challenging you to win in every aspect of life. 

SP: What’s your favorite tool in the Spotify for Artists portal? 

Teddy: I enjoy the playlist feature that lets me see the listeners’ choice of music they enjoy. When I make it to one of those lists, it is pretty exciting and inspiring.

SP: What’s been your biggest challenge as an artist in the current “climate” of the industry? What about the streaming age gives you hope as an artist? 

Teddy: The biggest challenge for an artist today is just being consistent in an industry that has a ton of talent. You have to be self-motivated to stay in the public eye, as well as growing your fan base anytime you can. The attention span of the audience is shorter these days so you have to make sure you capture theirs and retain it. Streaming helps with that so much because it allows the listeners access to your music whenever they want it.

SP: Who’s an up and coming artist you’re excited about?

Teddy: Being in Nashville, I like a lot of musicians but I’d say Kane Brown and Curt Chambers are who I’m most excited about it right now.

SP: Any advice you’d give aspiring artists?

Teddy: I would tell aspiring artist to know yourself. Know you’re already unique so stay true to your craft and people will gravitate towards that. Don’t succumb to what everyone else around you does because you’ll lose your originality. Patience and timing is also vital.