Megan Britt


Megan is originally from Orange County, California. She double majored in Entertainment Industry Studies and Communications at Belmont University, which is what brought her to Nashville. She is a vocalist, musician, and songwriter who also bartends on the weekends at Taco Mamacita. In her free time she enjoys yoga, cooking, and being outside.

Dylan Ander

Research & Reporting

Dylan was born and raised in New York, living in good ol’ Nashville since he graduated from the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University in 2016. Throughout college, Dylan had headlined tours as a solo artist while interning in the music industry at DKC Public Relations, GrammyU, DBA Entertainment, and most importantly, Streaming Promotions! Dylan has remained with the company since its inception, specializing in reporting and data analytics for all of Streaming Promotion’s clients. Since moving to Nashville, Dylan has gotten songwriting cuts with several label artists, most notably with the pop duo CAZZETTE.

Taylor Sloane

Human Resources

Taylor is originally from Atlanta.   She attended the Univeristy of Alabama and interned at The Grand Ole Opry before cutting her teeth in digital marketing, then management, and major labels.