We have relationships with more than 3500 curators on the Spotify platform (encompassing thousands of lists.)

Building an Audience

We will pitch your project to the best of our abilities to our network of playlist curators.  Our goal is to build your overall presence on the platform growing or maintaining your monthly listeners, setting you up for long term success on Spotify.

We Work Three Types of Campaigns

Supporting "Hits"

These projects are currently or have been on major Spotify curated playlists.  We support those “adds” by supporting the monthly listener count.  When songs are removed from those lists we help taper the downturn in audience and support the artist profile until the next release.

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Building an Audience

We work emerging artists and help build their audience by working to attain “adds” on playlists that help move the needle and build a story, with the ultimate goal of building monthly listeners to a place where Spotify-Owned playlists will take note.

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Developmental A&R

We also work with startup artists to determine the validity of their music on Spotify.  Through feedback and research we are able to determine how tastemakers will respond to your music.

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We Integrate With Your Team

Our efforts are integrated within the greater push from an artist’s team (PR, marketing, social media, etc.)  We work with your existing team to grow a listening audience on Spotify through organic song placements on Spotify.   In many cases we use PR and social media campaigns to help with placements.

Campaign Process

We work in three month increments.  We analyze our relationships and
give a total marketplace for a project reporting on the total number of
playlists pitched, total responders, adds, and any feedback we have received.

We also track the spins and monthly listeners week over week throughout the campaign, tracking the top tracks over that period.

Throughout the campaign these reports will be sent weekly.

There will be a monthly update with curator feedback and a more holistic update on the campaign’s progress from the pitch team. We also offer a follow up call to discuss strategy at the halfway point.

Our Typical Campaign

In the beginning weeks of your campaign, our team is working diligently drafting/creating pitch materials and pitching to curators.

Because we do not participate in payola (paying curators for placement), therefore, playlist adds will not typically be immediate. Our overall goal is artist profile momentum, sustaining previously achieved growth, or creating a story to build upon.

Our efforts focus on artist longevity.

Get Started

While we cannot guarantee placement on any of these playlists, we can guarantee that we will guide you in the direction of best practices and pitch your music to curators of playlists that will have an impact on your overall Spotify presence.