Founded in 2015, Streaming Promotions has been a trailblazer and innovator in music consumption promotion. Our continued research and retooling on behalf of our clients has proven sustained growth and success to over 3,000 clients. Our founder and long standing employees have worked for world renowned leaders in the industry, such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, 13 Management, and Big Machine Label Group, William Morris Endeavor, and Warner Music. We have promoted campaigns to millions of fans through the advent of social media and fan clubs, and effectively managed and reported data to executives while keeping focus on the artist brand. We've taken these years of experience and focused our sights on streaming services.


Our Mission:

We seek to increase our clients footprint on streaming services. Aiming for music adoption and traction on streaming platforms, specifically Spotify.
we work collaboratively with:


digital press & publicity
traditional press & publicity
social media managers
booking agents / tour management


We endeavor to get all our clients’ music on playlists that create momentum or traction on Spotify. But we do not guarantee placement. We do not pay our curators for placement on their respective playlists.

Algorithmic Approach

Our efforts attempt to maximize exposure and trigger algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mix, etc.

Audience Growth

Working within the structure of your team, we help to activate an audience as they discover your music through playlists.  Leveraging these wins we can help sustain the success of a song or build your fanbase

Market Research

Our Pitch Team will actively pursue feedback from independent curators, assisting our clients in their future release strategies.


Multiple Song Tracking

Streaming Promotions believes a rising tide lifts all boats.  We will simultaneously work and report on multiple tracks and releases to track the impact of a campaign.

Monthly Listener Tracking

We track the overall monthly listeners of an artist profile to determine the trajectory of a campaign.  Allowing our clients to tell a story of their growth or the ideal time to release new content.

Curator Feedback

Through our subsidiary, Daily Playlister, we are able to provide market research for your tracks.  Getting unbiased feedback on your project.


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