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Our mission is to increase our client’s footprint and traction on streaming platforms with no payola or fake streams. We work collaboratively with artists/bands, managers, record labels, digital press & publicity, social media managers, booking agents and tour managers.

How We Help.

Analyze and Determine

We start by understanding the client’s sound and focus tracks in a general process – tagging all genres, subgenres, moods, feelings, themes, sensory words, actions, SEO friendly words, similar artists that we believe describe this client. From there we cross reference all the playlists we have in our network to decide the best strategy for our client.

Building An Audience.

We believe that casting a wide net from the very beginning will allow us to see where the client’s focus tracks land best. By conducting this process from the start, we quickly get an understanding of what genres, sub-genres, moods, themes etc that the artist may pair best with and will help us find the right audience for each song, ensuring maximum potential.

Finding Your Audience.

By finding the right target audience, we are then able to narrow our pitching efforts and research more playlists within that genre, sub-genre, theme, mood, etc to further develop the artist’s potential reach and gain more impactful adds. Finding the right listeners can help trigger the user generated algorithms which will get you one step closer to featured on Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mix, etc

Why Us?


We will never guarantee you anything that we can’t. We’ll tell you about our hits, misses, and we’ll work collaboratively with you and/or your team to achieve results without any drama or problems that will derail the process.


Our team members have a combined 15+ years experience in the Digital Music World. The changes and shifts in how companies work, the rules, the algorithms. All of this experience is given to you as we work together on your campaign.

For Many Types

Streaming Promotions isn’t just limited to the one artist. We can work with Managers that have multiple artists, Record Labels, and even be a marketing hub for Distribution companies looking to add more firepower to their internal marketing teams.

Artists We’ve Helped