What We Do

The best way to gain traction on streaming services is to grow monthly listeners. These fans help to grow adoption into algorithmic playlists. These algorithms assist in finding new listeners based on your existing fanbase. The larger the fanbase, the larger the audience the algorithm can find. Streaming Promotions is here to build your audience.

Campaign Process

To begin our campaigns we analyze our relationships and create a total marketplace for a project.  We reach out individually to each curator providing information specific to each artist. We pride ourselves on communication and education on streaming platforms.  Weekly reports are emailed by a member of our team, and top tier campaigns will have a call with our team at the mid-point of our campaign.

Multiple Song Pitching

To discover these audiences, we pitch multiple tracks (up to 5) giving our promotion team multiple chances to get playlist adds, and a chance to pitch music to different moods, vibes, and themed playlists.

We Build To Grow

Whether you have already released a successful song, are looking to build audience off of a new release, or are new to the platform and looking to gain traction, our campaigns are built to grow, maintain, and develop audience.

Tracked Reporting

As data comes in, we provide you the information that will help you.  Our reports utilize multiple software solutions to track, monitor, and rate your music including algorithmic playlist adoption, playlist adds, and monthly listeners.  These reports are automated and update weekly.

Curator Feedback

Through our subsidiary, Daily Playlister, we are able to provide market research for your tracks.  Getting unbiased feedback on your project.