Telling the Story of Your Music

Streaming Promotions is a marketing collective created for the modern music industry.

Located in Nashville, TN, Streaming Promotions is a Marketing Agency aimed at pushing your music organically and legitimately.

We have relationships with over 1500+ playlist curators on the Spotify platform (over 3000 playlists). While we cannot guarantee placement on these playlists, we can guarantee that we will guide you in the direction to be successful on the Spotify platform. We will pitch your project to the best of our abilities to our network of playlist curators (in a typical 3-month campaign we pitch to an average of 100+ playlists dependent on your sound), and we encourage our network of curators to provide feedback. Hopefully, with this feedback, we can help you and your team make more strategic decisions about the direction of your project.

Streaming Promotions does not pay for placements, generate artificial streams, or own any of these playlists – They are all based on human-to-human connection.

Let’s get to work!