Terms and Conditions

Streaming Promotions is a subsidiary of Symphonic Distribution, Inc. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions….

You agree that you will provide Streaming Promotions with the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to pitch this artist on your behalf to Third Party/Independent Playlist Curators. Meaning, you will not contact/pitch curators directly and you will not hire another party to contact/pitch curators unless otherwise approved by the Streaming Promotions team.

I understand that if this term is breached, Streaming Promotions has the right to cancel my campaign at any time without refund. Third Party Playlists include, are defined as branded and user generated playlists.

I hereby acknowledge the risks and liabilities associated with hiring Streaming Promotions as my Spotify Playlist Pitching Partner. 

I realize that Streaming Promotions does not pay for playlist placements, they do not own playlists, and do not hire playlist consultants – therefore, they cannot guarantee results. 

I have been made aware that Streaming Promotions offers zero guarantees of playlist placements, positioning, and or any specific degree of results. The service fee that I have paid to Streaming Promotions reflects my faith in the brand to exercise their best efforts to secure playlist placements on my behalf for an agreed upon term no less than 3 months. 

There are no refunds on services provided by Streaming Promotions.  The fees paid at the beginning of service are non-refundable.

Through the course of my campaign with Streaming Promotions, I have been made aware that they will make their best efforts to provide weekly reports based on the resources provided to them. However, due to the nature of playlist promotion, I realize I will not be given reports that reflect which playlists/curators have been pitched or what the feedback is about my artist/music. This policy reflects our position for our clients to

respect the integrity of our process and our playlist curator partners.

Streaming Promotions uses several sources of data to observe their client’s activity on the Spotify platform. Periodically our data sources experiences technical issues which may cause delays in the delivery of reports. Although reports have the potential of delays, this has absolutely no bearing on our promotion team’s ability to secure adds for our clients. I acknowledge that Streaming Promotions will exercise their best efforts to deliver reports to me in a timely manner, but if an error should occur, I trust that the Streaming Promotions team is using every resource at their disposal to cure any reporting issues.