Become your own playlist curator

Create an artist playlist and start building a following. It can be a themed playlist. It can be a list of your influences. Just remember to always include your music on the playlist. You can update it weekly, monthly, or however often you want, and slowly start to gain a following. Let artists submit their music to it and tag them when you add them. This is a great, tangible way to become your own playlist curator, connect with other artists, and organically grow your streams and listeners yourself.

Understand social media insights when posting a release and implement the “seven times factor”

Social media insights are a great tool for knowing the ideal times to post a new release and for cross-referencing what kinds of posts your audience likes to engage with the most. On your Facebook Page (not your personal profile) and your Instagram (that must be a business account) you can utilize these insights.

You can target specific demographics on social media and tailor each ad to who you’d like to reach. The analytics that are provided from the social media ad managers can be extremely intuitive, but it’s smart to manually target as well. If your song is youthful, it might be a good idea to have a low, tighter age range for your ad, for example. You also don’t only have to focus on getting your music in front of individual consumers based on genres or similar artists. You can also focus your campaign to be geared towards companies (like labels, distribution, development) and job titles (managers, A&R, etc). This way you are also targeting those folks that are looking to discover people like yourself.

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