Five Unique Ways to Strengthen Your Fan Base

Five Unique Ways to Strengthen Your Fan Base

Your fans are everything. Without them, you likely wouldn’t be where you are today! (Or where you are hoping to be.) Fans are a community, and in order to strengthen it, you need to treat it as such. Below are a few ways to make your community of fans stronger than ever.

Here are five simple, but unique, ways to strengthen your fan base.

Create a name

Try to think of a large artist off the top of your head. Then, think of their fans. They likely have their own name right? For example, Ariana Grande has “Arianators.” Selena Gomez has “Selenators.” Lady Gaga has “Little Monsters.” The list goes on. The point is: recognize that your fans are an entity of their own, and they’re bound to grow.

Start a Facebook group

Once you create a name for your fans, it’s time to take it to the next level. Create a private Facebook group for you and your fans to interact on a personal level. Offer exclusive giveaways, information about upcoming releases, Q+As and more. Start by inviting friends and family and then reach out to your general fans. As long as you stay active, it should grow.

Stream on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch is a fun way to interact with your fans and make them feel more involved. You could stream live DJ sets, studio sessions, behind-the-scenes or even go into a realm like gaming. Make sure to promote your streams and shout out fans, so they know they are recognized.

Do meet-and-greets

Meet and greets are one of the best ways to interact with your fans. These in-person hangouts can be done before (or after) shows. You can have these backstage, at a pizza spot near the venue, or just in the crowd. Talking to your fans in person is one of the best ways to get to know them!

Offer giveaways

Giveaways are the best way to give back to your fans. Thank them for their appreciation and support by offering merch giveaways, free downloads and more. The possibilities are endless!
There are a ton of ways to strengthen your fan base, but we hope one of these works for you! Make sure to show as much love to your fans as they show to you!