Spotify offers thousands of playlists meant to fit your every mood. Most of us save these curated playlists for things like going to sleep, working out, doing homework, etc. However, we’re all different. Not everyone falls asleep sleep to lofi beats or gets motivated to kill their workout by Cardi B.

Spotify took note of this, and they’ve implemented a killer solution.

Spotify now offers personalized playlists for each listener based on their particular taste. This means that for those specific playlists, no two will be the same. This applies to some, but not all Spotify editorial playlists, so they’ll be rolling out a blue “Personalized” badge to help signify which ones apply.

Although this seems like a solution specifically targeted towards users, this is great news for artists as well. Now, your music is in front of the best audience and listened to by just the right people.

Back it up

When Spotify first started testing this new system, they found that listeners were more likely to listen for way longer than before. These personalized editorial playlists increased the number of artists featured on playlists by 30%. The number of songs listeners were discovering increased by 35%. After discovering a song through a personalized editorial playlist, the number of listeners who looked for the track on their own for repeat listens was up by 80%. Additionally, the average number of times a listener saved a track went up 66%. Can’t argue with facts, ya’ll.

The Catch

This all sounds fine and dandy, but Spotify determines these playlists through algorithmic processes based on individual listener habits. This means if your song is on a personalized editorial playlist, it might not appear in every user’s personalized version.

The Solution

Please refrain from smashing your guitar in an annoyed rage, artists. Spotify has rectified this by creating unique links to these playlists for artists to share via Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics. Anyone who clicks the unique link will see a personalized version of the playlist with that artist’s track in the #1 spot. There is no longer the need to worry about your followers not being able to find your song among so many others in the playlist.

You’ll find these links on Spotify for Artists seven days after the date when your song dropped into the playlist. When listeners click that link, your song will remain on the top of the list for 24 hours. After this, the track reverts to its initial position or removed from that user’s version of the playlist. When your songs get added to one of these playlists, you’ll receive an email notification, so you can make sure to share the good news with your fans.

Never miss a beat, and optimize how you can get the most out of Spotify by sharing your music with the people who will appreciate it the most.