So you’ve been added to a popular playlist on Spotify… Hell yeah! Getting your music placed on a great Spotify playlist means more exposure, a further reach and a major platform to back you up. Once you’ve been added, the work doesn’t end there. Here’s how to ride that wave and make the most of it…

What To Do After Being Added To A Spotify Playlist

Share it like CRAZY

First things first, FOLLOW the playlist! Then, treat getting on a major Spotify playlist just like a good press feature. The goal here is to pump up the exposure on your feature as much as you can. You want as many people to know about and stream it as humanly possible.

  • Pin the playlist to the top of your Spotify profile, and include a good looking image alongside the pin.
  • Share the playlist on all socials, not just the track, and tag accordingly. (That means tagging playlist supporters as well, i.e. Spotify, Deezer, etc.)
  • Replace the playlist link in your bio for the next couple of days you are giving love to the playlist. (Playlisters love it when artists return the favor!)
  • Ask your fans to share (and listen to) your track in the playlist.
  • Try a sponsored post on Instagram with a link to the track on Spotify.
  • Share to your IG Stories using the share feature on Spotify.
  • Include it in your newsletter and/or website.

🧠 NOTE: Keep in mind, it’s very important you share the actual playlist rather than the song itself. When people like or save your song within that playlist, it improves the performance of your song within the playlist. 

Make Connections

Don’t forget to reach out and thank the amazing playlist curator who gave you a shot and put you on the playlist! If they liked you enough to put you on the playlist, odds are they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Not sure how to find them? It’ll take a little bit of research, but Google is your best friend here. You should be able to find their email and send them a genuine thank you message or find their Instagram/Twitter handle and tag them when you share the news.

You never know, maybe this connection will lead to other playlist placements (and more) in the future.

Monitor Your Stats

Once you get featured on a Spotify playlist, be sure to keep an eye on your Spotify for Artists dashboard to track your streaming numbers and see how the playlist is impacting your stats. You should be checking this anyway, but seeing the proof in the pudding is a great way to see where else you could improve moving forward. For example, when choosing other tracks to pitch to other playlists.

Hit Up Other Playlist Curators

Use your success on this playlist to pitch your music to other playlist curators. If  you’ve found another playlist that fits the vibe of your track, you can share it with the curator and explain how well it performed on the other playlist and why you think it would be a good fit for theirs as well.

Reinvest Your Earnings

Instead of blowing your success, do the future you a favor and put it towards marketing. Reinvesting your earnings from this placement into promoting future releases to keep the momentum going.

With Spotify Ad Studio, you can build an audio ad campaign in less than 10 minutes, create a new audio ad from scratch, forecast impression estimates based on your target audience, and track and manage all your campaign reporting, all in one place.

Keep Pitching!

Once you’ve been featured on one playlist, there’s no reason to stop there! Use this momentum as leverage to get placed on even more playlists. Getting featured on a major Spotify Playlist feels like the equivalent to Willy Wonka’s golden ticket for musicians. Why settle for just one when you can go for the gold?

In Conclusion…

Keep in mind, you cannot pay to get on an official Spotify playlist. If someone or a third party company is offering placement on a playlist in exchange for money, what they’re really doing is illegal streaming manipulation.

Now that you’ve got this under your belt, don’t stop there. Keep the grind moving and let this momentum push you forward to bigger and better successes. If you’ve gotten featured once, there’s no reason you won’t continue to get featured as you progress throughout your career.

You got this!