How To Set Up Your Music Tab on TikTok

How To Set Up Your Music Tab on TikTok

TikTok’s Music Tab is a great way to highlight your most popular tracks right on your profile for everyone to see. If you haven’t set yours up yet, here’s how to do it…

How To Set Up Your Music Tab on TikTok

About TikTok’s Music Tab

What was previously only available for artists with over 10k followers is now open for everyone! Adding a Music Tab to your TikTok profile allows you to display your most popular tracks or pin latest releases, giving you the ability to drive engagement to your music catalog and convert followers into fans, all from your TikTok profile.

How does it work?

Once you enable the feature, it will automatically populate your delivered music under the music tab, as well as unlock other music integrations like By ArtistBehind the SongNew Release Feature and a TikTok to DSP’s Add to Playlist feature. You’ll also see the “Artist” tag displayed on your TikTok profile.

To enable this feature, artists must do so via a mobile device by following this link.

Good luck!

How to Convert Fans Into Paying Subscribers

How to Convert Fans Into Paying Subscribers

So your fans are streaming your music and jamming away… Great! But what if you want more? Super fans will support you through thick and thin. Fostering deeper connections with your audience is a smart way to create a stronger fan base you can lean on throughout your career. Whether it be with a paid newsletter, exclusive merch, or a VIP subscription service, here’s how to convert casual fans into paying subscribers.

How to Convert Fans Into Paying Subscribers

Offer Something Worth Paying for

You have to think about what other artists in your genre are offering. For example, lots of artists offer early access to a new song, but if the song is going live to the public a couple weeks later, it’s not necessarily worth paying for in advance. Offer something uniquely exclusive, because everyone likes to feel special.

For example, you could start by simply mentioning your new subscription in an Instagram story. Mention an exclusive community that gets special treatment, for example: “… And we did a private concert for five of our fans, it was amazing… We even played them one of our unreleased songs.” Or offer other things like:

  • Online concerts
  • VIP virtual hangs
  • Features on social media (Instagram Live, Twitter shoutouts, etc.)
  • Access to unreleased music
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Autographed merch

Exclusive shit sells. Get creative with it! Think about things you’d want from your favorite artist and go from there.

Run Targeted Ads

Great advertising is a magical thing. Running targeted ads towards your current fanbase is a great way to reel in those who are already the most interested in your work.

Loyalty goes a long way. Give back.

Being a part of a community is a feeling like no other. Feeling connected and heard by your favorite artist is worth a subscription any day. When you get a new subscriber, do something special for them to show you care. Give back by promoting your subscribers on socials. Anything to create a personalized and thoughtful experience will do.

  • You could try something on social media like, #followbackfridays, where you follow back everyone who subscribes to your service that day. (That doesn’t mean tagging everyone in one post, by the way. There’s nothing personal about that.)
  • Record personalized thank you videos for subscribers via Twitter or Instagram.
  • Invite a couple fans to join an Instagram Live with you.

It’s important to show your subscribers how thankful you are for their patronage and actually put in the work. Because without them, where would you be?

Have a Social Media Strategy

Promoting your new service on socials is the best way to stay on top of everyone’s minds. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t harass your followers with a million posts a day begging for their interest. Keep it casual but consistent. Be engaging.

Having a great CTA works wonders, but you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. When in doubt, a simple “here’s what I’m doing, here’s why it’s awesome, and here’s why you’ll dig it” should do the trick..

Just be consistent, offer something they can’t wait to get their hands on, and always be yourself. Your fans will see your spark and naturally want a part of it. You got this.

Instagram Features Every Musician Should Use

Instagram Features Every Musician Should Use

Think you’re up to date with every new trend Instagram has to offer? With new updates launching left and right, it’s not your fault if you miss one or two! Here are some of my new favorite features that I definitely missed, but I’m glad I know about now…

Instagram Features Every Musician Should Use

Find Creators

Did you now that you can add brands to a preferred list so that when any of those brands are on the hunt for creators to work with, you will pop up first in their search? That way, brands get recommended creators who they know are already interested in working with them, and you have a better chance of working with a dream brand. Brands can also filter their search by follower count, age, location and gender to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

As long as you have a creator or business account, you can access this feature.


Back in 2020, Instagram launched a feature called Subscriptions. With it, you can earn consistent income by offering exclusive content and benefits to your most engaged followers at a monthly fee. These subscribers not only get exclusive content, but also the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level through a plethora of unique features. Some of these include:

Exclusive Tab: This is a dedicated tab on your profile to save all that exclusive content like subscriber lives, feed posts, and Reels, giving your subscribers a hub to find everything in one easy access spot.

Subscriber Chats: With Subscriber Chats, you can add up to 30 people to connect and mingle with you through Messenger. This chat only lasts 24 hours, and you can let your fans ask whatever they want to know, share thoughtful comments, or even ask for advice. All you have to do is use the “join chat” sticker on your story and your subscribers can tap to join.

Partnership Inbox

When you’re a part of the creator marketplace on Instagram as a creator, brands that are interested in working with you can send you partnership messages. Once you get your first partnership message, you get access to a new messages folder just for those. To find these, just go to your main inbox on Instagram and tap Partnership messages. With this, you can keep track of all the brands who have reached out to you with opportunities and avoid missing anything important in your main inbox.

Reminder Ads

If you’ve got new music coming out, a big show coming up, or anything your fans are looking forward to, you can remind them of what’s to come with Reminder Ads. To do this, you can create a reminder ad for an Instagram post in Meta Ads Manager. Once you set this up, people will see an ad with a Remind Me button they can click which lets them opt in to receive reminders (specifically 3 of them before the day of your event).

Using this feature ensures people won’t forget to tune in to whatever you have in store, as well as increase the likelihood they’ll share your event with others! For new upcoming songs, tour dates, music videos, merch drops and more, this is a great tool for musicians big and small.

Reels Template

If you don’t have a ton of time to spend making Reels, using templates could be the perfect life hack for you. To use a template, all you have to do is:

  • Find the Reel you want to use.
  • Tap the three dots to the right.
  • Tap Use As Template
  • Click Add Template
  • Now, follow the steps to make it exactly how you want it.

Any time you find a Reel with a template you feel like you could use, save it! It’s save you time and energy so you can do what you really want to be doing… making music.

Merch Shop

When the pandemic started, Instagram announced Shops on Instagram to help creatives drive product discovery and make it easy for people to shop their products. As an artist, this feature is a great tool for driving merch sales right from your profile, in your feed, or through IG Stories.

To set this up, you’ll need to check these eligibility requirements to get started. You must:

  • Be located in a Supported Market.
  • Have an eligible product.
  • Comply with Instagram’s Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies.
  • Own a website domain in which you intend to sell from.

If these all apply to you, you can start up your merch shop on Instagram!

Analytics Insights

This one is a given for anyone, but be sure to switch to a business or creator account to access insights about your audience, reach, and engagement! This data is the ultimate key to help you tailor your content to your audience’s preferences and optimize your Instagram strategy.

Interactive Stickers

Many of the interactive stickers you know and love from Instagram Stories are available on Reels, too! For example, try these out:

  • Poll: Poll your audience on what should happen in your next video so they can help shape the storyline themselves.
  • Quiz: Put your audience’s skills to the test (or teach them something new!).
  • Emoji Slider: Let your audience share how your content makes them feel with a sticker that makes their reaction even more powerful.
  • FB and IG Add Yours: Call on your community to participate in a trend you create using the Add Yours sticker, a Stories favorite, now available to use in your reels on Instagram and Facebook.

Grid Pinning

I’m sure you’re already using this one, but Grid Pinning lets you pin your favorite posts to the top of your profile. Not only can you pin your favorites, you can pin tour announcements, important updates, or anything you don’t want your fans to forget about.

Collaborative Posts

Do you have a new song coming out with one of your homies? Post about it together and build the hype with a collaborative post!

As the creator, you can invite another account as a collaborator, and if they accept, their username will be added to the post and the post will be shared with both your followers. Whether you’ve dropped a song with someone or going on tour with them, get the news out to as many people as possible by combining your efforts.

Good luck!