Everything You Need To Know About Streaming Promotions

Everything You Need To Know About Streaming Promotions

Back in July, Symphonic Distribution acquired the music industry marketing collective Streaming Promotions. Since then, we’d like to break down exactly what we do and how you can benefit from our services right here. Here’s everything you need to know.

Everything You Need To Know About Streaming Promotions

What is it?

Streaming Promotions is a Marketing Agency that works to push your music organically through relationships. They have connections with over 1500+ playlist curators on Spotify and over 3000 playlists on the platform. They don’t pay for placements or use artificial streams, it’s all based on true human connection.

They start by understanding the client’s sound and focus tracks in a general process – tagging all genres, subgenres, moods, feelings, themes, sensory words, actions, SEO friendly words, similar artists that they believe describes you best. From there, they cross reference all the playlists they have in their network to decide the best strategy for you.

How does it work?

The best way to gain traction on streaming services is to grow monthly listeners. These fans help to grow adoption into algorithmic playlists. These algorithms assist in finding new listeners based on your existing fanbase. The larger the fanbase, the larger the audience the algorithm can find.

Streaming Promotions does this through a couple methods, first of which is through their Campaigns.

  • With campaigns, they analyze their vast relationships and create a total marketplace for your project. They reach out individually to each curator and provide information specific to each artist. Then, they email you weekly reports and will schedule a call with their team at the mid-point of our campaign to discuss the progress.

Their next specialty is Song Pitching.

  • With this, their promotion team will pitch your tracks (up to 5) and work to get your music featured on Spotify playlists.

Ready to get started?

Despite Symphonic’s acquisition of the service, Streaming Promotions is still a free-standing entity, offering their services to artists and labels world-wide. What’s new is the application of Symphonic’s technology and infrastructure to help double down and continue growing our business, clientele, and services as a team.

That means you get both the power of Streaming Promotions AND Symphonic combined. 🔥

Good luck!

Want to Catch the Eye of Spotify Curators? Build Your Own Playlist

Want to Catch the Eye of Spotify Curators? Build Your Own Playlist

You’re an independent artist who’s trying to promote your new release. You updated all your social media accounts, threw a release party, and even updated your EPK. So, now what?

A great way to get your music heard is through the use of Spotify playlists!

To do this, you must catch the eye of a Spotify playlist curator, the people in charge of picking YOUR songs and adding it to the appropriate playlist.It also will expose new crowds to your music and have the potential to increase your followers and listeners on Spotify. This also has the potential of catching the eye of a curator as they see an increase in popularity. Numbers don’t lie!

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a Spotify playlist then keep reading!

Follow these tips to learn how to create a Spotify playlist:

1. Get creative – Choose a theme!

Playlists can be curated and customized to practically any mood or genre these days.

In fact, playlist themes can even be based off of specific holidays, events, or other monumental time periods symbolizing a specific music type. These can be as simple as “Party Music” or “Slow Songs”.

2. Get going – Pick your songs

Spotify playlists can contain up to 3,333 songs and still be playable in offline mode. However, most playlists are made up of way less songs and we suggest having a minimum of 20-30 songs for your own! The songs should be from a variety of different artists, not just your own stuff, but still hold true to the overall theme you chose in step one.

3. Publish it and share your playlist

Playlists always do better when shared through multiple platforms! By exposing your followers on other social media sites you are increasing the likelihood of your playlist being heard!

You can easily publicize your new Spotify playlist by adding the link in your next tweet or putting it in your Instagram bio.

4. Keep it fresh – Update it!

Continuously update your playlist with new bands and songs. Maybe do a weekly or monthly update that fans can consistently follow for music suggestions. This way you will not only be keeping fans excited about new content but you’ll also be able to grab the attention of new fans and curators while keeping your OG fans satisfied at the same time too.

When it comes to Spotify playlists, the possibilities are endless! The creativity and effort involved in the creation process is completely up to you.

Don’t be discouraged by low follower counts or streams, as Spotify curators are always on the lookout for hardworking artists with great new music.