How to Optimize Your Spotify for Artists Profile

How to Optimize Your Spotify for Artists Profile

Spotify is a powerful tool for any artists interested in reaching a larger audience. One of the most effective ways to utilize the platform is to create a custom Spotify for Artists profile, which will help you get verified, easily manage your profile, learn about your fanbase and more. In this post, we’ll break down some tips to help you make sure your profile is optimized and ready to go.

How To Optimize Your Spotify for Artists Profile

To create your Spotify for Artists profile, go to and claim your profile. Once your profile is approved, you’ll receive automatic verification, which will make you more discoverable among other artists and boost your position within Spotify’s algorithms. Next, let’s take a look at some helpful hints for creating a Spotify for Artists profile and utilizing it for maximum success…

Use Artist’s Pick

Artist’s Pick is a valuable tool that allows you to feature music at the top of your profile.  You can make a track, an album, a playlist or even an event the focus of your profile for two weeks, but you can update it at any time. This allows you to draw listeners to a certain release with the ability to include a short message as well.

Create and Feature Your Own Playlists

Creating your own playlists is a powerful way to connect with your fans and other artists. Playlists can give you the ability to promote your newest releases while supporting other artists and showcasing your sound. Utilize playlists as a tool to connect with other artists, and show fans what you’re all about.

List Your Concerts

Did you know that you can actually list your own concerts on Spotify? Simply connect your Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventbrite or AXS profile and your upcoming events will be listed on your profile. This can be done through the Spotify for Artists dashboard, and will be updated automatically every time you announce a new event.spotify-concert-songkick-mobile-100627577-orig

Utilize Your Data Effectively

The Spotify for Artists dashboard is useful for learning all types of information about your music, and the people who listen to it. You can access analytics in real-time and see where your plays are coming from. If they’re coming from a certain playlist, make sure to reach out to the curator with your next release. If they’re coming from a certain location, try and reach out to the promoters of that area. The possibilities are endless!

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date

Keeping your artist profile updated with up to date information at all times is very important. Use Spotify for Artists’ tools to upload a current profile photo, add a bio and more. Make sure your image is high resolution and your bio tells listeners who you are and what you’re about. Make sure to update both of these consistently and make sure to highlight any major achievements or announcements.


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Music Business Facebook Groups You Should Join

Music Business Facebook Groups You Should Join

One of the most underutilized tools for networking in this industry are Facebook groups. Every day, tons of music industry-related groups are actively sharing knowledge within communities of like-minded individuals just like you. In these groups, you can ask for support, get advice, inquire about job opportunities and so much more. Here are some of our favorites…

Music Business Facebook Groups You Should Join

DIY Tour Postings

If you’re a musician planning a tour, DIY Tour Postings should be a staple in your bag of tricks. This one is a killer resource for those in need of gigs to play, opening acts, or even if you’re a talent buyer or scout looking for potential acts for your next show.

Last minute realizing you aren’t selling as many tickets to your upcoming show as you’d hoped? In here, you can promote yourself without censorship and they will help you to fill your concerts with people. This group is also full of seasoned tour vets who know the ins and outs of tour life and offer valuable advice for those who are new to the game.

Artist Managers Connect

Artist Managers Connect is a digital community of artist managers from around the world who are dedicated to sharing knowledge, advice, and opportunities in order to better serve our artists and the industry as a whole. Industry pros and newbies alike have a lot to gain from this group.

Everyone Knows Everyone In The Music Industry

Everyone Knows Everyone In The Music Industry is a group that has tons of cool music people who are all there to share information about jobs, gigs and opportunities in the industry. They have a rule about not sharing ads, so it’s the perfect place to see strictly great opportunities from like minded people. It’s a private group, but you can request to join right here.

Music Biz Besties

Calling out all the ladies in the crowd, this one’s just for us. Music Biz Besties is a private group for female musicians & industry leaders hosted and founded by Katherine Forbes. Katherine started the group with a love for networking and a yearning for a strong community of women all working together to turn dreams into reality.

In this group, you’ll have access to job opportunities, a community of music lovers just like you, and insights for how to make it in an industry that’s all about hustle and badass networking.

Nashville Music Industry

This Nashville Music Industry Facebook group is open to everyone who is in any way involved in the Nashville Music Industry. All you have to do is introduce yourself and let them know how they can help you! If you’re in Nashville, this is group is a must.

Symphonic Fam

Here at Symphonic, we’ve got our own FB group that fosters a supportive space for the indie music community to talk about the industry. Members can collaborate together to share knowledge on best practices, make valuable connections, and share related content. In Symphonic Fam, everyone is free to ask questions and share helpful tips and tricks with a supportive community of music industry peeps. This group is all about helping each other out by empowering independent musicians everywhere to do what they love.

Women Empowered Mentorship Program

In addition to out Symphonic Fam Facebook group, there’s also a group for our Women Empowerment Mentorship Program. The group is a community dedicated to empowering women and supporting each other on our professional journeys’. This group is a safe and inclusive space for women to network, connect, and uplift each other.

Here, you’ll find a platform for job postings, networking opportunities, and resources for personal and professional development. Our community members have access to exclusive content, including webinars, workshops, and guest speakers. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, seeking advice, or simply want to connect with like-minded women, this is the place for you.

Best Music Industry Newsletters

Best Music Industry Newsletters

Newsletters serve as one of the easiest ways to stay up to date. Want to stay ahead of the game? Learn from the experts right from your inbox with some of the best email newsletters in the industry. 

Best Music Industry Newsletters

Back Of House

Back Of House is a weekly newsletter created to help you stay up to date with global live music industry news, learn about industry best practices, and discover new ideas to fuel your brain. Whether you’re looking for updates on live events or on the hunt for job openings, Back Of House probably has what you’re looking for and more.

Your Morning Coffee

Industry veteran, Jay Gilbert writes one of my favorite newsletters, Your Morning Coffee. This highly-curated newsletter offers a weekly snapshot of the New Music Business. Not only that, Jay and Mike Etchart, former host of the syndicated Sound & Vision Radio program, host a fantastic weekly podcast. In it, they break down the top stories, latest news and trends in the industry.

Beats & Bytes

By the makers of Nue Agency, a Creative Music Agency located in New York City, Beats & Bytes is an innovative newsletter that sits at the center of everything music, brands, and technology for the industry. This one curates the industry’s top news and biggest trends and is a staple in my inbox.ntributors from all over the industry.

Symphonic Weekly

By subscribing to our newsletter, Symphonic Weekly, you’ll get updates on important trends in the music industry along with tips to help guide you through distributing, monetizing, and promoting your music with articles from yours truly, as well as co

Sym Latino Newsletter

If you’re subscribed to our Symphonic Weekly Newsletter, you already know it’s jam-packed with weekly industry updates, insights, how-to’s, company highlights and more. Our Symphonic Latino newsletter makes sure our Spanish speaking clients and supporters never miss a beat either.


Simpl, the badass music promotion service, has an awesome newsletter as well. From music promo tips and tactics to industry news and more, this one has a plethora of good info for anyone looking to broaden their horizons of music knowledge.


Founder and editor, Bruce Houghton, created Hypebot‘s newsletter to capture daily news and commentary on the music industry. Industry professionals and DIY musicians who are looking for a one-stop-shop of news should definitely be subscribed to this one.

Water & Music

Cherie Hu is a music industry and tech journalist with bylines in Billboard, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and more. Water & Music breaks down the biggest ideas in the music industry and serves as a staple in my inbox each week.

Music Ally

The Knowledge is Music Ally’s weekly free newsletter. It offers an at-a-glance overview of the “whirling, weird maelstrom that is the modern music industry”, right to your inbox every Friday. It not only gives you industry news, but also some of the best resources to help you learn key insights as a musician.


Trapital offers a free weekly newsletter keeps its readers posted on the latest trends from some of the biggest players in the game. They’ve been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, and more. For those looking to stay ahead of the industry’s ever-changing trends in the hip-hop landscape, this newsletter is for you.

Motive Unknown’s Daily Digest

Motive Unknown is a digital marketing consultancy founded by Darren Hemmings. Hemmings started the Daily Digest to summarize every day’s news in music, tech, and apps.

Music Biz Worldwide

One of the industry’s favorite newsletters comes from the mind of Tim Ingham. This one brings you in-depth news along with insights and industry analysis’ for the international music scene. From interviews to the latest acquisitions in the game, Music Biz Worldwide is the resource to gain a global outlook on the industry.

Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream, created by Jeff Hyatt, covers the latest news about streaming platforms. Whether you’re interested in the latest innovations in streaming technology or insights about the impact streaming has on the music business, you’ll get tons of updates about the industry on the daily. There are well over a hundred issues of this newsletter out to date, so if you’ve been meaning to do some catching up, this is the place for it.

In Conclusion…

Working in this industry means keeping up with its fast-paced trends, innovative tech advancements and everything in between. Subscribing to these newsletters is an easy way to keep yourself informed and stay ahead of the game.